Friday, January 15, 2010


No it's not a baby. It's a four month old puppy that we resued from the pound. His name is Marley. Having a puppy a round had temporaily put a damper on my writing but, this morning...Marley is sitting at my feet playing with his new toy as I write. Along with a new puppy, I've been working quite a bit at my day job. I'm hoping to get back on track this week.

I've never gotten a puppy from the pound before. I usually buy my dogs from a breeder. A couple of nurses that I work with had gotten puppies from the pound so, I thought I'd go by and check them out. I was surprised at how many pure breeds there were.

It seems, a lot of people are turning in their dogs due to the economic pinch. I coudn't take but one puppy home but, I promised myself to go back in the spring a get another. I can't save them all but, I can save/afford two puppies.

Marley is four months old and would have been put to sleep soon if  my daughter and I hadn't picked him. We took him into the playroom at the shelter and he has the best temperment. I'll try to put up some pictures  later this week.

There were some adorable lab/shepard puppies I would have loved to take home but, since I couldn't, I'm trying to convince one of my friends that she should.

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