Monday, January 18, 2010


My extra copies of Abaculus III came in! Abaculus features my short story "Raven's Transformation." It's the first time I've been published! I received one author's copy but, wanted additional copies for my family and friends. Next year I hope to be holding a copy of not a published short story but, a copy of my first published book.

Abaculus III is published by Leucrota Press. Leucrota just purchased Arkham Tales. Arkham is a quarterly magazine "devoted to weird fiction: supernatural supense and adventure stories." Looks like another chance for more new writers to get published to me!

Leucrota also recent sold the movie rights to one of their current authors novels. Leucrota is a small independant publisher but, from the looks of it, with all their recent activity, they may be growing a little larger in the future.

I'm still waking up at 4:30am and writing. I get up at the same time each morning, even on my days off from my day job. My friends think that's a little crazy. Maybe it is but, a writer got to do what a writer got to do.

  Last week the new puppy slowed me down a bit but, I'm back up and writing in the wee hours of the morning again. Now that I'm a published author...I'm working hard at becoming a published novelist. My BFF who encouraged me to write Raven, says that not many people can say that they have been published at all so, I should continue to feel really good about that. And I do feel good about it. I'm just keeping my eye on the ultimate goal of having an entire book published. (Hopefully not just one. Fingers crossed.)

It looks like puppy is starting to settle into a routine of sleeping at my feet while I write, as long as I take him for a long walk during the day. He's lying behind me sleeping right now as I update the blog. Puppy's first couple of days here, he had to sit with his head in your lap or have you touch him in some way. Now after  almost a week in his new home, he's starting to realize that we aren't taking him back to the shelter:)

It was really hard for me his first couple of days here because I couldn't write and help him get oriented to his new surroundings. He's lost interest in my laptop pretty quickly. Just walking by and looking at it from time to time as I type. I'm planning on getting another four pages or so before calling it a night so, I'd better get moving.



LigiaSwaney0613 said...

Everyone fastens where there is gain. ....................................................

Melissa Carmichael said...

Gain in the publishing world takes a lot of hard work and commitment:)

Marcia Colette said...

Sweet! One of these days you're going to get a box in the mail that has copies of your complete novel. I bet you'll swoon when you open it, too. ;-) Just keep your eye on the prize, girlfriend. After reading Raven's Transformation, I know it's going to happen.

Oh, and we need to introduce your new addition to mine. I have a feeling they'll both wear each other out. LOL.

Melissa Carmichael said...

My own complete novel! Yep, you're right. I hope I don't pass completely out.LOL My eyes are on the prize. I've got nothing but, time.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.I appreciate it. It means a lot coming from an author whose writing is as good as yours. After reading your books...I was a bit gun shy. Your stuff is tight, and I thought, I'm not worthy:)

But, I thought with time effort and commitment, I could come up with something:) Don't worry, still plugging away on this end.

P.S. Kiss the adorable Baby Girl, you're probally spoiling right now:)