Monday, January 18, 2010


My extra copies of Abaculus III came in! Abaculus features my short story "Raven's Transformation." It's the first time I've been published! I received one author's copy but, wanted additional copies for my family and friends. Next year I hope to be holding a copy of not a published short story but, a copy of my first published book.

Abaculus III is published by Leucrota Press. Leucrota just purchased Arkham Tales. Arkham is a quarterly magazine "devoted to weird fiction: supernatural supense and adventure stories." Looks like another chance for more new writers to get published to me!

Leucrota also recent sold the movie rights to one of their current authors novels. Leucrota is a small independant publisher but, from the looks of it, with all their recent activity, they may be growing a little larger in the future.

I'm still waking up at 4:30am and writing. I get up at the same time each morning, even on my days off from my day job. My friends think that's a little crazy. Maybe it is but, a writer got to do what a writer got to do.

  Last week the new puppy slowed me down a bit but, I'm back up and writing in the wee hours of the morning again. Now that I'm a published author...I'm working hard at becoming a published novelist. My BFF who encouraged me to write Raven, says that not many people can say that they have been published at all so, I should continue to feel really good about that. And I do feel good about it. I'm just keeping my eye on the ultimate goal of having an entire book published. (Hopefully not just one. Fingers crossed.)

It looks like puppy is starting to settle into a routine of sleeping at my feet while I write, as long as I take him for a long walk during the day. He's lying behind me sleeping right now as I update the blog. Puppy's first couple of days here, he had to sit with his head in your lap or have you touch him in some way. Now after  almost a week in his new home, he's starting to realize that we aren't taking him back to the shelter:)

It was really hard for me his first couple of days here because I couldn't write and help him get oriented to his new surroundings. He's lost interest in my laptop pretty quickly. Just walking by and looking at it from time to time as I type. I'm planning on getting another four pages or so before calling it a night so, I'd better get moving.


Friday, January 15, 2010


No it's not a baby. It's a four month old puppy that we resued from the pound. His name is Marley. Having a puppy a round had temporaily put a damper on my writing but, this morning...Marley is sitting at my feet playing with his new toy as I write. Along with a new puppy, I've been working quite a bit at my day job. I'm hoping to get back on track this week.

I've never gotten a puppy from the pound before. I usually buy my dogs from a breeder. A couple of nurses that I work with had gotten puppies from the pound so, I thought I'd go by and check them out. I was surprised at how many pure breeds there were.

It seems, a lot of people are turning in their dogs due to the economic pinch. I coudn't take but one puppy home but, I promised myself to go back in the spring a get another. I can't save them all but, I can save/afford two puppies.

Marley is four months old and would have been put to sleep soon if  my daughter and I hadn't picked him. We took him into the playroom at the shelter and he has the best temperment. I'll try to put up some pictures  later this week.

There were some adorable lab/shepard puppies I would have loved to take home but, since I couldn't, I'm trying to convince one of my friends that she should.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Just got back from seeing the Avatar for the second time with my daugther. You see, today is her birthday and that's what she asked see Avatar for the second time.

I really wasn't upsett. First of all, this is the first time I've seen a 3-D movie and second, it was a really great movie. It lasted for around two hours and forty minutes but, it's that good, you won't even mind.

I'm really big on speical effects and visual imagary so, you can imagine how blown away I was. James Cameron took over four years trying to bring this film to the screen.

When he first conceived the movie, computer technology hadn't develped to the point he needed to make the movie so, he had to wait until it did.

There are a lot of critics that are labeling this film as racist. It does have some very strong racial themes. It also shows the greed of man . My older daughter said during the movie that it reminded her of the Pocohotas story.

The Na'vi reminded me of  Africans or Native Americans. The movie did show how cruel and heartless people can be to each other but, it also portrayed the Na'vi as kind, thoughtful and intelligent people. It does have an old hollywood theme. I won't say that much because I don't want to spoil it for you. It's also, a beautifully written story that draws from America's shameful history with Native Americans and Africans.

I can't help but, draw lessons from his journey making this film and the film itself. The film cost something like 400 million to make, he didn't  have the technology he needed, people were telling him he was crazy and that it wouldn't work, people wouldn't go see a sci-fi movie about ten feet tall blue people etc.

But guess what? They did! Now Avatar is only second in earnings to Titanic, which also just happens to be by who else? James Cameron. Avatar has already earned a billion dollars world wide.

So what did I take away from all this? Write what you want, write what you believe in, write what's in your heart and belive in yourself, even when everyone else is trying to tell you that you shouldn't.

From the film itself, it's a lesson in history. We all know what America did to aquire this land. It's no secret. It's also no secret how this country  was built. It's also no secret that we still have a long way to go as evidenced by a recent senators comments regarding our President this week.

But, I tend to lean to the optimistic side. I think this film came out of James Cameron's heart. I for one was touched that he would want to tell this story and work so hard to bring it to life. I believe his intentions were to teach as well as entertain. A really good story is bound to start people talking. I'm pretty sure, that was his intention.

James Cameron went out on a limb. Are you willing too? I am.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy 2010 to everyone! I've made a few New Year resolutions. I'll keep them to myself. I've set some personal as well as writing goals for 2010. What about you?

I brought in the new year in my cozy little bed asleep beside my husband, my children were also sleeping when the New Year dawned. At 1201 the gunshots and fireworks woke me out of a deep sleep and I jumped out of the bed leaving my sleeping family. I ran into the kitchen and out on the porch thinking someone was trying to break - in my house...only to find new year revelers yelling and screaming watching the fireworks. So, still in my stupor, I dragged my to fast beating heart back to bed and dropped off to sleep.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year!

P.S. On the first day of the New Year, I brewed my coffee and sat down and started writing at 4:30am. (Sigh) At least I started my year off doing what I love to do:)