Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Okay, I couldn't resist this photo when my daughter made it with her phone app. This is part of our Spring Break. We started off picking up BFF #1 and going to Bufflo Wild Wings. That's me there testing the beer.

Then on to the Aquarium to check out the sharks.

Hiking with my youngest...

Finished with a walk on the beach. And yes, we did it all in one day.



Life is what you make it. You can sit around and mourn the loss of a marriage and be bitter for the rest of your life or...you can go out and live life. I choose life! I've been learning to enjoy life again and loving every minute of it. In my last post you saw that I got to meet my all time favorite author Kim Harrison and last week....

I got to hang out with my BFF #2. We had dinner at the Brio Tuscan Grill before heading...

to see Jillan Michaels!!! We went to see her Maximize Your Life Seminar. She was totally awesome! Had a blast! She is definitely a motivational speaker. She's one of the people I admire.

So inspired after meeting Kim and seeing Jillian. I believe, to be a great writer you must live life and live it to the fullest so that you can then translate your emotions and feelings of your characters to paper and pen. That is what I am doing or at least, trying to do.



Wow! That's right! I got to meet my favorite author...Kim Harrison! I still can't believe it! She is the reason I ever started writing or thought I could or that it was even possible. She is the reason that I have at least one published story to my credit. (Raven's Transformation)

Kim signed her latest book Ever After for me! If this doesn't get me writing I don't think anything will.

I got to hang out with  fabulous author and friend Marcia Colette and her awesomely cute baby girl.

I have had a hard time of it over the last three years but I am determined that this will not be the end of my writing. Stay tuned for the next chapter and updates on writing.