Monday, January 11, 2010


Just got back from seeing the Avatar for the second time with my daugther. You see, today is her birthday and that's what she asked see Avatar for the second time.

I really wasn't upsett. First of all, this is the first time I've seen a 3-D movie and second, it was a really great movie. It lasted for around two hours and forty minutes but, it's that good, you won't even mind.

I'm really big on speical effects and visual imagary so, you can imagine how blown away I was. James Cameron took over four years trying to bring this film to the screen.

When he first conceived the movie, computer technology hadn't develped to the point he needed to make the movie so, he had to wait until it did.

There are a lot of critics that are labeling this film as racist. It does have some very strong racial themes. It also shows the greed of man . My older daughter said during the movie that it reminded her of the Pocohotas story.

The Na'vi reminded me of  Africans or Native Americans. The movie did show how cruel and heartless people can be to each other but, it also portrayed the Na'vi as kind, thoughtful and intelligent people. It does have an old hollywood theme. I won't say that much because I don't want to spoil it for you. It's also, a beautifully written story that draws from America's shameful history with Native Americans and Africans.

I can't help but, draw lessons from his journey making this film and the film itself. The film cost something like 400 million to make, he didn't  have the technology he needed, people were telling him he was crazy and that it wouldn't work, people wouldn't go see a sci-fi movie about ten feet tall blue people etc.

But guess what? They did! Now Avatar is only second in earnings to Titanic, which also just happens to be by who else? James Cameron. Avatar has already earned a billion dollars world wide.

So what did I take away from all this? Write what you want, write what you believe in, write what's in your heart and belive in yourself, even when everyone else is trying to tell you that you shouldn't.

From the film itself, it's a lesson in history. We all know what America did to aquire this land. It's no secret. It's also no secret how this country  was built. It's also no secret that we still have a long way to go as evidenced by a recent senators comments regarding our President this week.

But, I tend to lean to the optimistic side. I think this film came out of James Cameron's heart. I for one was touched that he would want to tell this story and work so hard to bring it to life. I believe his intentions were to teach as well as entertain. A really good story is bound to start people talking. I'm pretty sure, that was his intention.

James Cameron went out on a limb. Are you willing too? I am.


Marcia Colette said...

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to daughter! :-) Give her a big hug for me.

Second, I was completely blown away when I saw the news report about Avatar. James Cameron created this movie from his heart even when the skeptics said he was nuts. Guess who's laughing all the way to the bank now?

Like you said. Write from the heart. Do what you want to do. Writing is already like taking a big chance anyway because you're putting yourself out there to be judged. You might as well give it everything you've got. Who knows? We might hit the billion dollar prize ourselves.

Melissa Carmichael said...

You're right Marcia, putting yourself out there is taking a chance. It's scary too. Guess I have got a few brass ovaries:)

But, it sure feels great holding a published story that I wrote in my hand and having other people read it and enjoy awesome!

Here's hoping that we both hit the billion dollar prize.