Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sorry for the long post absence. I've been busy with my day job. I do have good news though. In my last post, I reference writing like you have a contract(No, I don't have a contract.)but, I'm writing like I have one.

I just sent my short story off to a publisher. I hope they except it but, even if they don't, just submitting brings me closer to publication.

I have to go in to work tonight so, I'm taking a break from writing for the rest of the day but, bright and early tomorrow it's back to the keyboard to work on rewriting The Prodigal Demon and finishing Cursed Blood.

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Monday, May 18, 2009


"Write like you have a contract." - Kim Harrison. Those are six words of advice that Kim gives to aspiring writers like myself and my friend and blog buddy Magaly. She also goes on to say that you have to write if you feel like it or not.

For aspiring authors like me, that's good advise. I have to admit that I haven't always followed it but, I have realized how important this advise really is.

It makes the difference in starting and finishing a project. It makes the difference in turning in your best work possible. It makes a difference in avoiding the deadline rush. It makes a difference in building your professionalism as a writer. It makes a difference in separating the ones who make in in the publishing world and those who don't.

Dedication, persistence and commitment to excellence and writing like you have a contract can only enhance your chances of becoming a published author/novelist.

What about you? Have you committed to writing like you have a contract? After a disappointing month writing wise, I have.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I know I've only been to one Con but, I can already see the value of attending Cons. There's another Con coming up, Con Carolinas. It will be May 29th to May 31st. I really wish I could go but, my new stovetop is arriving in a few minutes. (Priorites, Priorites)

Anyway, if you can, go check it out. Paranormal author Marcia Colette will be on the Urban Fantasy panel. I absoultely love her writing style. I was happy to met her in person at Raven Con. Don't tell her but, she's an inspiration to me.

You can go to Marcia's site to learn more.