Friday, October 3, 2008

Busy Writing Week

This week has been filled with homework from Terry Spear's Conflict writing class, putting the final touches on The Prodigal Demon, a short story I wrote for an upcoming contest in November, working on finishing my 1st manuscript tentatively entitled "Cursed Blood."

As soon as I get the okay, I plan on posting excerpts from some of my WIPs. "The Prodigal Demon" started out as a way for me to get to know two of the characters in my manuscript better. It didn't start out as a story but, when I finished. I thought it actually made a pretty good story by itself, and would give readers more insight into the characters in the book, if it gets published. (fingers crossing)

The classes I have been taking under Terry Spear have been awesome. She gives constructive criticism and invaluable insight. Her classes aren't just for new writers like myself but, for all levels of writing. You can take her classes directly though her website. This is my third class with Terry. I plan on taking all of her classes. The cost is very affordable too. It's only twenty dollars for a month with three assignments a week. An extremely good bargain. The financial state of the nation being what it is, this is a very good thing.

Terry, gives you a lot bang for the buck and she realizes that most of us have day jobs and families so, she is really good about letting you turn in your assignments when you can. I guess she's so understanding because she is quite busy herself. She give lectures, teaches online classes, is a multi-published/contracted author writing in several genres and also has a family life that requires her attention.
Melissa NC
P.S. Last week after three weeks, the person who stole my writing notebook with all my classnotes from the last 5 writing classes and notes on my WIPs "The Prodical Demon" and "Cursed Blood" placed them in a drawer where I would find them. They also returned a book I was reading, "Full Moon Rising" by Keri Author. (Happy Dance)

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Marcia Colette said...

Isn't Terry awesome!! I did virtual cartwheels when I found out she'd be on the Shapeshifter Romance blog with us.

One thing about writing is that even after you "think" you've learned everything, it never hurts to get a refresher course. Boy, am I getting a refresher course at Moonlight and Magnolias. Margie Lawson is AMAZING!!