Monday, October 6, 2008

Egotistical Characters

Don't mind me. I was just sitting here having an argument with Alex, my supposed secondary character in the next manuscript I was planning. I'm trying to convince her that she needs to lay back and play a supporting role in the book. She's telling me, that she has more issues to deal with than the main character, her best friend the vampire. We've been having this disagreement for a week or more. Right now, she's giving me the silent treatment because she's very passionate about how she feels.

I actually came to the realization that Alex was right a couple of days ago but, I don't want to hear her saying, I told you so, over and over again going through my head.

Alex being right creates a problem for me. I was trying to create a certain type of character. A character that I've always wanted to read about. That character was Alex's vamp friend. Now, I'll have to come up with another character/plot to bring that character to life. I already know her, the character that I want bring to life. This time, I'll have to ensure that her sidekick doesn't have dreams of grandeur.

Melissa NC

P.S. Here's another picture I sketched on a rather stressful day.


ghostylicious said...

ok that im a member of congress lmaooooooooooooo ill leave u a comment. first let me say congrats on ur blog and i must tell u that it is wonderful. u know im behind u 100% babe. very professional and interesting. dont forget me when ur famous!!!xx joella lmao

Melissa Carmichael said...

LoL, girl you are crazy. You know you are my girl. Thanks for the support.