Friday, September 26, 2008


What do you do for stress relief? You know, when the revision, re-revision blues set in. Or if you're like me, an unpublished author with a DAY JOB, taking writing classes, finding time to work on your WIP and trying to write the next best selling novel.

I read to relax or sketch, as you can see from the inserted picture that I did. (For those who don't know, that's Nightcrawler from the X-MEN.) But, am I really relaxing? Yes and no, I am usually relaxing for the most part but, if I'm reading I am noticing the style and voice of the author. I trying to figure out how she inserts humor at all the right times. I'm picking apart chapters for HOOKS. And looking for a satisfying ending or enough of one to lead me to the next book in the series.

So, when I'm sketching I'm relaxing, right? Yes and no, if I'm sketching an already known character, then yes right? No, I tend to sketch very imaginative creatures or people like, witches, wizards, demons, sword toting women etc. I also like to sketch the characters that I am developing in my WIPs. It helps to make them more real when I'm fleshing them out.

Hence the saying a writer is always working. I never really understood that saying until I started writing. Now I can't watch a movie without analyzing dialogue. LOL

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marciacolette said...

LOL! Welcome to the world of writing. Nice to have another UF author out here, too. ;-)

I relax by watching movies, too. However, I have to put my head in the right mindset for it. Otherwise, I'll end up analyzing dialogue, plotting, EVERYTHING. If it's a good movie, none of that will come into play during the movie. If it's a lousy movie, then I'll sit there and pick out everything wrong with it.