Sunday, February 21, 2010


What's been happening? Well, I finished the first draft of my MS. On the advise of more experienced authors, I've put it aside for a week or so. I start my rewrite tomorrow. I've started plotting Raven's story. I'm really excited about this one. I'm using a different approach to this WIP. I'm trying to do most of the planning and research ahead of time.

I was able to participate in a live chat at Bitten by Books with Kim Harrison. That was awesome. I'm not just a writer, I'm a fan girl too. I love reading! Kim's publisher put up not three chapters of "White Witch Black Sanction" but, the first seven and I read every bit of it. Her new book comes out Tues Feb. 23rd on my day off. Yay! I picked up Laurell K Hamilton's new book "Flirt" and I'm reading that now. (Not that I don't have several books in the TBR pile.)

I finally sent off my short story to my Mother. (I know, shame on me. Bad daughter:( ) Anyway,  she finally got to read "Raven's Transformation" and...she loved it. How cool is that?! She told me, which I already knew, that she doesn't read Urban Fastasy but, she really enjoyed Raven and will be looking forward to the novel. Guess I better get busy.
Last but not least, I won a signed copy of "The Better Part of Darkness" by Kelly Gay. After reading BPOD, Kelly is definitely on my automatic buy list. I absoultely loved her debut novel. She mixes a touch of scifi with Urban Fanstasy. Loved it!  Thanks Kelly! I'll be passing on my unsigned copy to a friend.

You can view the next cover in Kelly's Darkness series here  I would put it up but, she said that this isn't the final version. Besides, I don't want to steal her big reveal:) Kelly has really been blessed by the book cover Gods. I remember seeing the cover online and thinking just from the cover, that looks like a buy! So glad I did. I love finding awesome new authors.



Marcia Colette said...

You lucky stiff! Kelly's book is on my buy list for my next trip to the book store. I've been putting it off forever because I want to widdle away at my TBR pile. Now if only I can get her to show up at an HCRW meeting so I can get her to sign the gosh-darn thing. ;-)

Anyway, congrats on finishing your first draft. Refreshing, isn't it? :-)

Melissa Carmichael said...

I've already read BPOD. I'm happy to get a signed copy though. Most authors have their signings on the weekend. I work weekend balyor:( I'd have to take the weekend off to get to a signing.

Last signing Kelly did was a weekend I was working so, I'm thrilled to get a signed copy from Kelly. She's sending me a couple of other books too. One is Greywalkers by Kat Richard. She found an extra copy while getting my books ready:)

Let me be the first to tell you, Kelly's book is awesome. I wasn't kidding when I said, she's an automatic buy.

I've started working on draft 2 of my MS. But yes, it feels great to know that I can start and actually complete a novel length story.

I'm off today and tomorrow. God help me, Kim's book comes out tomorrow. If I can control myself, I can get it from Walmart for eight dollars cheaper. Here's hoping I can hold out. (but, it doesn't look good:)

Melissa said...

I have this book in my pile of new authors to read but haven't checked it out yet. Glad you enjoyed it. With such good praise I might have to move it to the top of my to do list!

Oh, congrats on the first draft. I find the first round of edits to be tough but it gets easier from there!