Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Lover's Dream

I told you in my last post that I found "Black Magic Sanction" by Kim Harrison at my local Wal-mart for eighteen dollars. I also wanted to share more of my bookwormness.

Kelly Gay (one of my new favorite authors!!!) Sent me a signed copy of "The Better Part of Darkness." If you love Urban Fantasy with a kick ass Herione, this book is for you. It was soooooooooooo good. I'll blog about it later in the week.

In the picture I have a few other books from Kelly and some bookmarks. "Flirt" by Laurell K Hamilton was purchased by me. Looks like I won't be heading to the book store anytime soon. With my own story in the works as well as a huge TBR pile, I'm set!

To my readers out there, what good books have you read lately. I'm reading "Black Magic Sanction" right now. Last book read before that "The Better Part of Darkness."


Marcia Colette said...

I love your book you have there. ;-)

I've finally gotten back into reading Kim Harrison these last few months. Seriously, I didn't like her first. But people told me to stick with the series and I'm glad I've taken their suggestion to heart. Right now, I'm on The Outlaw Demon Wails and loving it to pieces.

Also, I purchased The Better Part of Darkness, too, and added Shadow Blade by Seressia Glass. There are others on my list, but at the moment, I can't recall who they are.

Melissa Carmichael said...

I had the same problem with L A Banks's VHL series. But, I stuck with it and loved it. I read all twelve.

I just finished Black Magic Sanction, yesterday. I loved the books from the beginning. I really like her pacing and the characters she has created.

Every since I found out that there were quite a few local authors (Yourself included), I make an extra effort to purchase their work. I want to get Love on the Prowl when it comes out in paperback.

I look a lot of local authors up on the RWA site. Some I find on internet blogs. That's how I found you and Kelly.

I figure if I'm going to be buying and reading books anyway, one, I'd like to support new authors and two, if they happen to live in the Carolinas, that's even better:)

P.S. I've written my first practice query letter!

Marcia Colette said...

Yay! Query letters! Don't tell anyone, but I LOVE reading query letters. Writing them is another story, although I have gotten better.

I had the same problem with LA Banks and like you, I pushed through to see her awesomeness. :-)

I know exacty what you mean by purchasing local authors. It makes getting their autograph even easier, too. ;-)