Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Writing Class

My writing classes have ended. This month, I am not signing up for another class. Partly due to my new budget and partly because I have more than enough material to go over and study from all the previous classes I've taken. Now it's time to put to use some of the stuff I've learned into my writing. No more procrastination. I've picked a dead line for the completion of my MS.

I'm ready to start receiving those rejection letters and dive into the world of writing full throttle. I've been lurking on the edges afraid to jump in. But, entering my first contest was like breaking the ice for me.

I remember a few months ago, I was afraid to even let my friends and family read my stuff. Their encouragement gave me the push I needed to actually pursue writing as a possible career path. Don't get it twisted, as my daughter would say. I'm not giving up my day job! Just adding dimensions and possibilities.

Melissa NC

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