Friday, November 21, 2008


I actually entered my first writing contest this week. Friends and family who read the short story have been telling me it's really good but, I am my worst critic. I don't expect to win but, I am happy to be moving in the right direction to become a writer. I suspect, I'll be entering and not winning quite a few contest over the next couple of months, along with working on my MS.

It does feel good to complete something and turn it in though. Each small step bringing me closer to where I want to be.

I was listening t Oprah the other day and I like what she said about reaching your goals. She said, "Step by step, cut away those things in your life that are preventing you from reaching your dreams and goals and instead replace them with things that move you toward them."

I thought about that for a minute and realized that I have been taking same steps toward my goals. I brought a laptop specifically for writing, I'm taking classes to learn how to write better, I started working on my MS and I entered a writing contest for the first time.

All of these things are good but, I can do better. I also need to work on believing in shelf, time organization and production.

Well, now that I've completed one project, what now? Finish my MS. That's what I will be concentrating on now. I'll definitely do a happy dance when I finish that!

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marciacolette said...

Way to go Melissa! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you win or at least get some valuable feedback. That alone will be worth it.

And keep taking those small steps because eventually, they'll get larger and larger and before you know it, you'll be carried by the publisher of your dreams. ;-)