Saturday, June 20, 2009


Wow, I hadn't realized that it's been so long since my last blog! I've been busy. I have a short story submission sitting at the publisher waiting to hear on that. I've rewritten "The Prodigal Demon." I'm really excited about that one. Even though it didn't place in a contest, I really like this story. I'll keep plugging away until it finds a home.

I'm almost finished my novel length MS, "Cursed Blood." I have plotted out several storyline/plots surrounding the characters in this MS, enough to be at least a six book series.

I've started plotting a second novel length MS featuring Raven, the character from "Raven's Transformation," the short story I sent to the publisher. I also plan on turning "Raven's Transformation" into a series.

If you get a chance, stop by my friend Marcia's blog. You can click on it on the right side of my blog page. She has a smoking new cover for her upcoming book.

Also, my friend Magaly has a book review up o Girls with Books.

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Marcia Colette said...

I've noticed how long it's been since you've last posted. I thought I'd have to go into detox or something. ;-)

Stay on top of The Prodigal Demon. If you're excited about that one, then it's going to be especially sweet when it sells. Good luck with the other WIPs, too. Even time you talk about Raven, I can't help but think of my heroine, Raven. Great minds think alike, I suppose. I'm glad to be sharing one with you. :-D