Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sorry for the long post absence. I've been busy with my day job. I do have good news though. In my last post, I reference writing like you have a contract(No, I don't have a contract.)but, I'm writing like I have one.

I just sent my short story off to a publisher. I hope they except it but, even if they don't, just submitting brings me closer to publication.

I have to go in to work tonight so, I'm taking a break from writing for the rest of the day but, bright and early tomorrow it's back to the keyboard to work on rewriting The Prodigal Demon and finishing Cursed Blood.

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Marcia Colette said...

Fingers crossed on you submission. And even if it turns out as a rejection, as long as it comes back with comments, that's always a good thing. Nevertheless, I'm hoping it doesn't. ;-) Keep us posted!

magaly_guerrero said...

Good luck. And I agree with Marcia, what matters and that you sent something and that you keep on writing. The gods know that's what I tell myself all the time!

BTW, nice comic. It made me laugh :)