Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama and Spider-man?

It seems that everyone is celebrating the inauguration. Even Marvel comics has gotten into the swing of things with a special edition Amazing Spider-man comic.

Sometime during the race for the presidency, Obama remarked that he was a big Spider-man fan and the creative forces at Marvel took it from there.

I have to admit, I'm a Spidey fan also. Now, I don't feel like such a nerd knowing that my soon to be President is also.

Tomorrow I won't be able to go to Washington and see first hand but, like so many other Americans, I'll gather my family around the TV and watch President Obama get sworn in with pride and hope in America in my heart.

Melissa NC


marciacolette said...

Was that not a cool thing or what? Heck, I even ordered a copy of the inauguration CD. :-)

Melissa Carmichael said...

That was a cool thing. I taped the inauguration but, my DVR messed up. I just replaced it Sat:(