Thursday, November 27, 2014


Here's my customized Commander Shepard. Mass Effect is the reason I'm thinking about trying my hand at Science-Fiction writing.

"Being alive did come with its disadvantages. For one, I didn’t want to die…again. "
That's a line from a current WIP. I'm loving writing again. It's amazing how much fun I'm having writing and putting pen to paper now that my living situation is not temporary. Buying your own home and being able to afford it, takes a great deal of stress away.
Enough of that. I'm working on a story for Raven, A Demon short and I'm trying Sci-Fiction. You can thank my addition to Mass Effect for that. 
The plan is to get a couple of short stories published to get my feet wet again then hit it hard to finish one of two novels that I have in first draft form.


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