Friday, March 2, 2012


I finished reading LABYRINTH by Kat Richardson yesterday and turned to the tittle page and...found it was a signed copy! Wow! How cool is that. I had ordered LABYRINTH along with a preorder of THE PERFECT BLOOD by Kim Harrison and decided to wait and get it all together. Boy, I'm glad I waited.

I found LABYRINTH while visiting with my parents in Virginia at a reduced priced so, I jumped on my smart phone and canceled my order for it with Amazon. I'm glad I did! Cause not only did I get it at a cheaper price but, I got a signed copy as well. How cool is that? Now I have three signed copies from my favorite authors. I have this one by Kat, I have UNSTABLE ENVIRONMENT by my friend Marcia Colette and THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS by Kelly Gay. I know, I'm a Booknerd. It's okay, I've accepted it and am seeking help. LOL


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