Monday, January 16, 2012

The New Batwoman 52

Batwoman Cover Art

I love comics! And right now, I'm loving DC The New 52. Inspiration can come from different places and definitely different mediums of literature. Yes, I said literature. I am including comics in literature. And I know quite a few English majors and authors are laughing at me right now.

The new Batwoman comic I have no words. The artwork in this book is unbelievable! I'd buy this comic even if it didn't have a great character and storyline. (Which is does!) The art in this book alone makes it worth picking up. I'm already planning on getting some prints from it framed and mounted.

But, I digress. I have been inspired to draw and write with a renewed ferociousness. I love powerful writing and art. This comic has both. Now, this comic is not for younger people. I was surprised myself to see intimacy depicted on the pages of the comic between Batwoman and her current love interest Detective Saywer. It was very tastefully done so, it didn't throw me off. And just so you won't be caught by surprise, Batwoman is a lesbian and her new love interest of course is a woman.

I know it's nowhere as good as the art in the book but, I draw for fun and it helps me relax.

And the artwork is just as good or better on the inside of the book. I'll be buying a hardcover when it comes out. Batwoman is simply a work of art.


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