Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am surrounded by author awesomeness! My three favorite authors have books out at the same time! Right now I am reading PALE DEMON by Kim Harrison. Favorite author number one.

And I just got my hands on DARKNESS BECOMES HER by Kelly Keaton. Favorite author number two. It's a good thing my fav authors have books out at the same time because I tend to tear through them.

Favorite author number three, my author friend Marcia Colette has a new release, BITTERSWEET. I've read the first  couple of chapters and the girl has skills!

Have mercy my awesome threesome! I can't give you my entire paycheck. I think between my fav authors new releases and several books on my shelves TBR, I've got my reading goodness covered until Kim's graphic novel BLOODWORK comes out in July to be followed by Charlie's latest adventures.


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Melissa said...

I saw who is guest posting on your blog. It's awesome paranormal author Marcia Colette! Can't wait to finish BITTERSWEET.