Monday, February 28, 2011


Okay, months ago I promised myself that I would not buy any new author's books or start any new series until I had made a substantial dent in my TBR pile. Well, a while back I won a signed copy of Kelly Gay's book BETTER PART OF DARKNESS. She sent that along with a couple of authors I hadn't read. One of them was Kat Richardson so, I read GREYWALKER. I loved it! So, I had to get POLTERGEIST which I am reading now.

This morning, I get Kelly's Newsletter in my e-mail. It's talking about her new YA, DARKNESS BECOMES HER.

I made the fatal mistake. I read the first chapter. Now I have it on order to be delivered Wed. Why Kelly, why do you write such damn good books! You know I can't resist. Please have mercy! I've already pre-ordered THE HOUR OF DUST AND ASHES. I don't know if my brain can continue to take such reading happiness.



Magaly Guerrero said...

Ahh, book lust, it overtakes the best of us. I feel the same way about The Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I read Infinity and now I'm dying to read Invincible. I should smack myself for it! I should have known better, but I can't resist book lust!

In my defense, I still haven't gotten Pale Demon, so there might be hope for me after all ;-)

Melissa said...

Book Lust? Well then, I guess there is no hope for me then. PALE DEMON is out for delivery. It's on it's way to me as I write this comment. I've also preordered BLOOD WORK and THE HOUR OF DUST AND ASHES.Now,I'm waiting on DARKNESS BECOMES HER.

I don't think I have a defense. And with our friend putting out all those books this year, you know I have to buy them! Does it every end?