Wednesday, August 18, 2010


One of my favorite authors L A Banks, has gone graphic with her VHL (Vampire Huntress Legends) series. Can't wait to to get my hands on this one. Yes, I do comics and I've  been waiting on this one for a while. The comic takes place after the The Thirteenth which is the 12th and last book in the VHL series. The graphic will introduce the children of the main characters from the series. I'm not going to get into the series, it's awesome but, deep. You have to read it for yourself. A couple of days ago Laurell K Hamilton mentioned L A on her blog and commented that she is the only one that she has read that has successfully combined urban fantasy and hip hop culture giving her series a majorly different twist.

Speaking of Laurell k, I collect the Anita Blake graphic novels. (Hardcover) I follow Laurell k Hamilton's blog and I thought for a minute last year we were going to see an Anita Blake movie but, something didn't sit right with Laurell and she backed out of the deal. She has been writing Anita for so many years, I guess it's hard to let go of your creation. And when you do, you want it done right!

Hopefully next year the third of my big three favorite authors will be going graphic. Kim Harrison's hollows series is in the works!

Even my X-Men have gone Vamp!

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