Sunday, July 11, 2010


Started working on the opening lines for the follow-up of "Raven's Transformation." Editing was  starting to fry my brain. I like the opening but, it may change. For right now it feels good just getting the first few lines on paper (computer).

I was talking to my Mother on the phone the other day and she was shocked at the amount of work, real work that goes into producing a salable story. It's amazing to me how many people don't really see writing as work.

People who know I write, think you sit down pump a story in a week or two and send it in to be published. They see three steps.

Step 1 - write story
Step 2 - send story in
Step 3 - publish story

It's more like:
Step 1 - write first draft
Step 2 - write 2nd draft
Step 3 - write 3rd draft
Step 4 - self edit
Step 5 - Beta reader/crit group/partner
Step 6 - edit again
Step 7 - polish check for grammar
Step 8 - query agents
Step 9 - receive rejections
Step 10 - Edit using agents suggestions
Step 11 - send out manuscript again
Step 12 - wait
Step 13 Start all over again

Oh and the whole time the submission process is going on, you need to be working on your next best seller.


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