Monday, June 7, 2010

Query Letters

I am taking a break on editing and working on my query letter for Cursed Blood. I've written and re-written my query. Writing a brief information packed single page query that represents the heart and soul of your book...isn't easy. I want to convey the plot but, not give everything away.

A potential agent to represent my work is first of all, a reader. They want to be drawn into your characters, plot and the world you've created. I want my agent (when I get one) to be a fan of my writing. Ideally, she or he will be just as excited to read my work as I am when I'm creating it.

I  like most writers have my list of dream agents. One day, I might just land one of them. (fingers crossed) I've already been advised by a couple of writer friends that landing an agent is no easy task. The publishing industry has become more selective.

That's why, I'm taking my time with my query. I'm  just estatic that I'm at the point of actually needing to craft a query for my MS:)

I almost forgot! My friend Marcia Colette's book "Stripped" is now available in paperback! I've already ordered my copy:) I'll have to take Marcia out to lunch and get her to sign it when it comes in.