Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Raven's Transformation"

My author's copy of my short story "Raven's Transformation" came today! It's published in an anthology called Abaculus III by Leucrota Press. It's the first story, the first anything I've had published so, you can imagine my excitement.

I can finally say, I'm a published author! It really doesn't seem real until you actually have the book in your hand and see your name on the page. That's what I kept saying to my friend Marcia. Even after the letter of congratulations from the publisher and and contract that I had to sign, I really didn't truly believe until I received the book in the mail today.

I love the cover! I'm an avid reader as well as author and I know how important a cool cover is. Cool covers attract your attention. They may not get you to purchase the book but, if they can get your attention then, at least your probably at least read the jacket and if it's good enough, you might purchase the book.

Well, now that "Raven's Transformation" has been published, it's time to work on getting "The Prodigal Demon" and "Cursed Blood" published.


Marcia Colette said...

Man, I love that cover. Talk about eyecatching.

And CONGRATS on holding your book for the first time!! There's nothing like it, eh? :-) Cherish that book, hon. In fact, get an extra copy in case something should happen to that one. It's a trophy that nobody an ever take away from you.

Toasting you with cyber champagne, girlfriend. Woohoo!

Melissa Carmichael said...

I love the cover too. And Leucrota's updates on their website look great.

I called my friend who told me that I'd better submit my story or else, and she said, "Wow, how many people can even say that they've even been published once? You should be very proud."

I told her that I was. Don't worry, I am going to cherish my first time ever being published and use it to keep me going through the rejections until I get published again:)

Thanks so much for the support and advise.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Congratulations! Now, where do I buy it? Okay, I can probably Goggle it, but I'm too excited to think. I'm happy for you and so very proud!

Melissa Carmichael said...

I'm excited too. I got my copy Sat. My husband brought it to me along with starbucks coffee.

You can order the book from Amazon or BAM but, if you click on the picture on the right of the book, it takes you to Leucrota's website and you can order it from them cheaper.

Yep, I'm still excited. Now I can say that I'm pubulished:) It's a good first step but now, back to writing.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm a bit down ;( I order an ebook copy of Abaculus III because I was extra desperate to read your story, but the link is not working. I contacted Leucrota Press. but they haven't replied. I'm still getting the paperback, but I wanted to read the story already. I hope they get back to me.

I think I need a luck booster. I also ordered a copy of Marcia's Unstable Environment (paperback) from Barnes & Noble and as soon as I hit confirm, I noticed that my address was wrong. I tried fixing it and they said it was already shipped ;(

I'm thinking conspiracy!

Melissa Carmichael said...

Sorry to hear you're down:( Thanks for ordering Abaculus III. I appreciate the support you guys are giving me:)

Sounds like you and Marcia's Mom are having the same problem with the address thing and ordering online.

You need a luck booster and I need to hire a new Muse.LOL

Life is alittle busy right now. But, I'm not complaining. Better to be busy than bored.

Heading back out the door for the 2nd time the morning for Xmas gifts for the girls:)

Happy Holidays!