Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Six More

I am working really hard meeting my deadline for completing my MS. Just added six more pages today. I've met my daily writing goal for today but, I have to work the for the next four days straight and probably won't have time to write but, two of the four so, I plan on taking a coffee break then getting back to writing.

I remember when I thought I'd never get to 30,000 words, now I've passed that. I also remember thinking that I would never get published and that all this writing was for me. (Well, I'm not published yet but, I should be hopefully come mid-November:)

Being an writer is not easy work. Once you get one piece of work accepted, you have immediately or should I say continuously produce. I've already got the next novel length book in mind for the next book after "Cursed Blood." I've already got a partial plot going for Raven, the character in my short story.(eight pages of type written notes on characters and plotting.)

I met my writing goals for 2009 already and have set new goals for 2010. Wish me lots of luck.

Urban Fantasy Novelist In The Making;)


Marcia Colette said...

Much luck to you, hon. Like you said, writing isn't an easy job, but it's so worth it when you see your name in print. Talk about inspiration. :)

Melissa Carmichael said...

Thanks so much Marcia. I'm inspired just knowing someone other than myself, likes my writing:)
Speaking of name in print, can't wait to get my hands on your latest!
I read both reveiws on your books, you're two for two with great reveiws!