Saturday, March 14, 2009


This last week and a half has been very busy, my day job and family life. I have not had any time to write or even think about my WIP "Cursed Blood."

I did not meet my goal of completing my MS by the end of Feb. Now I'm shooting for completion by the time I'm on my way to Raven Con.

Still waiting for the results my short story "The Prodigal Demon." Those results won't be in until April.

I've decided to write more short stories, following the advise I got from a Kim Harrison video from New York Comic Con. (Magaly posted it on her site.) That means that I've got to find time to write somewhere.

They never said the road to publication would be easy. If it were, more people would be doing it:)



Magaly said...

I forgot to tell you what contest I entered, silly me :) I entered the WOW! Winter contest. I chose this one because the guest judge is Janet Reid, the ruthless Query Shark lol. The Spring contest is now open, this is the link it is open prompt again. I'm going for it, you?

Melissa Carmichael said...

I'll check into it. I want to enter several short story contests.
After seeing your video of Kim Harrison, I agree with her that this is a good way of developing your craft.
I love your short story writing blog. I also like the idea of writing short stories to later develop into larger projects.
I guess I'll be busy over the next few days working on a few ideas of my own.
Thanks for the inspriration:)